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Candy Potato & Silverleaf Whitefly Management  VIEW : 70    
โดย Chasity

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This primefact covers different whitefly species present in vegetable crops, the lifecycle, hosts, damage triggered and administration choices. Silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia tabaci are a sucking pest of a spread of vegetables and area crops. Movement of SLW adults from older crops and crop residues is the primary source of infestation for youthful crops. Post-harvest destruction of heavily infested crops typically causes mass migration of SLW adults into adjacent crops. Therefore it is very important control grownup whiteflies earlier than they move into younger crops.

Several coccinellid species are specialist whitefly predators, corresponding to Delphastus catalinae and Nephapsis oculatus . Colored plastic mulches could additionally be efficient in decreasing whitefly populations and geminivirus incidence. In Florida, tomato plants mulched with yellow or aluminum plastic mulches yielded extra and had much less tomato mottle virus an infection than those planted on white or black plastic mulches. In Costa Rica, dwelling mulches (e.g., perennial peanut and cilantro) could cut back somewhat the unfold of geminivirus within tomato fields. Heavy infestations of adults and their progeny could cause seedling dying, or reduction in vigor and yield of older crops, due simply to sap removing. When adult and immature whiteflies feed, they excrete honeydew, a sticky excretory waste that is composed largely of plant sugars.

In vegetable crops, guarantee seedlings are freed from pests previous to transplanting. Aside from the general harm this whitefly inflicts by sucking out the sap from the plant leaves, additionally it is a vector for plant pathogenic viruses. They introduce squash silverleaf disorder, lettuce leaf yellow, stem blanching, carrot mild root, pepper streak, Brassica white stem, chlorosis of recent foliage, and Tomato Yellowleaf Curl virus. The silverleaf whitefly causes direct feeding injury to host plants by piercing and sucking sap from the foliage of vegetation. This feeding causes weakening and early wilting of the plant and reduces the plant development price and cara membasmi serangga di tanaman yield . It may also cause leaf chlorosis, leaf withering, premature dropping of leaves and plant death.

Peanut oil was the simplest out of this group in reducing the inhabitants. All of these oils trigger direct mortality to immature life stages of the silverleaf whitefly on contact and cut back settling and ovipositon by adults when sprayed on plant leaves. The oil extracted from the seeds of sugar apple has also been found efficient towards the whitefly. This oil causes the silverleaf whitefly nymph to shrink in measurement and therefore detach from the tomato plant, leading to hunger. Sugar apple seed oil is not phytotoxic to tomato plants of any concentrations and reduces the survival price of the pest. Effects of 5 commercially grown greens on the event, survivorship, and reproduction of the whitefly Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring had been studied within the laboratory.