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Lele Sangkuriang Cafeteria, Rantepao  VIEW : 85    
โดย Jerrold

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But the survival rate of the remedy A and B have higher than treatment C. The outcomes of waterquality measurement are still inside the rangethat may be tolerated by Sangkuriang catfish . Sangkuriang catfish which lives in freshwater habitats, has an excellent economic value. One of the companies that work_s on the cultivation of sangkuriang catfish is CV Dejee Fish, situated at Cibaraja_s Fish Market, Cisaat, Sukabumi.

Unfortunately, this enterprise is very associated to a quantity of risks similar to manufacturing danger where CV Dejee Fish production fluctuates in a high method. The object of this examine is to identify the sources of manufacturing danger, the chances, the impact, and a few different strategy to deal with the chance. The sources of production danger are recognized as fungi, water high quality, fish feed, and harvesting technic.

Experimental design with four treatments and three repetitions times Hi-Pro-Vite 788 feed, silkworm (Tubifex sp.), tempe and tofu dregs. Measurement of seed weight every seven days and likewise measured water quality parameters. The outcomes showed that the typical growth of absolute seed weight of sangkuriang catfish with feeding of silkworm has the best worth of 4.54 grams and the lowest tempe feed is three.eighty four grams. While the best survival fee of catfish seed in silkworm feed was 93.3% and tempe feed was 75%.

The outcomes showed that the clinical symptoms of catfish contaminated by vibriosis have been redness lesions/ulcers on the physique surface, hemorrhagic, fluid inside abdomen, and fin eroded with redness wound. Bacterial identification via biochemical check revealed the causative agent of catfish illness at brackish pond area had been micro organism of the genus Vibrio , Vibrio vulnificus . Frontal method was used to acquire larvae from mirror and scaly carp species. Hydro-chemical and hydro-biological studies of water our bodies, institution ... The fry carp rising ponds make up 1,39% of the total fish pond surfaces, the yung carp ponds 19.92%, and usaha perikanan lele the ponds with consumption fish seventy seven,76%. The whole quantity within the carp ponds with consumption fish 77,76%.

Lidocaine and collagen extract from Sangkuriang cat fish for three days and remedy group 2 for 10 days. Ecological and organic features of the nektonic community of carp fish and prospects for its prod... Microplastic is a small plastic measurement (_5 mm) that is troublesome to decompose, thus making this material will remain for an extended time.

High mortality is suspected as a vibriosis disease by genus Vibrio as a result of redness wounds on useless fish. The purpose of this examine is to know the genus Vibrio which causes of illness in Sangkuriang catfish. 10 samples of fish have been taken from Sangkuriang catfish pond culture in Kelurahan Kersanagara Tasikmalaya City which were probably suspected of vibriosis illness. Bacterial isolates had been collected from fish lesion on the body surface, liver, and kidneys of catfish. Isolation have been able to gained 21 isolates and then 5 isolates have been chosen based mostly on colony morphology and Postulates Koch_s had been tested.1 day ago